Video Portfolio

Corporate Video Ads

Promotional videos of corporate organizations to raise awareness about their brand and who they are.


  1. For an events company
  2. For an events company
  3. For an online platform
  4. For a law firm

Facebook Video Ads

Videos that were used on Facebook business pages which can also be utilized on other social media platforms.


  1. A brazilian restaurant (ver 1)
  2. A brazilian restaurant (ver 2)
  3. An online platform for language teaching
  4. A brazilian restaurant (ver 1)
  5. A brazilian restaurant (ver 2)

Digital Video Billboards

These were used on large outdoor digital displays on roads and indoor mall video panels without audio and music.


  1. For a mall superstore sale
  2. For a digital marketing agency
  3. For a cafe & restaurant Valentine’s promo
  4. For a toy shop’s Back to School sale
  5. For a toy shop’s Halloween sale
  6. For a toy shop’s Christmas sale (ver 1)
  7. For a toy shop’s Christmas sale (ver 2)

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